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I am a husband to my wonderful wife Chelsea and father to our three children. I grew up in a family where home cooked family meals every night were the norm even with two parents working full-time. Both of them were excellent cooks.

I developed a love of cooking as a child and took over a lot of the cooking for the house by the time I was 16. I aspired to become a chef but working in the front of the house of restaurants showed me that what I love about cooking at home didn't translate to the stress of cooking in a restaurant kitchen.

At 25 I started a business with my sister that we ran for 10 years. Somewhere in there I decided to go back to school and pursue another long held dream of working in radio journalism. I was the editor-in-chief of The State Hornet at Sacramento State University for the 2020-2021 school year and created a podcast called "Max's Table" that was voted the best podcast in the country by the Associated Collegiate Press association during one of their conferences.


After selling the business I had with my sister I went back to working in restaurants in Sacramento in the front of the house. I was reminded of my love for restaurants and food and realized I could combine my love of food, cooking, restaurants and journalism into a career of writing and talking about the industry.